Lakshya Distance test series

Lakshya Distance Test Series offers a year-long test series in both online and offline modes. In the online mode, students can attempt tests based on their feasibility and preparation. The offline mode is particularly beneficial for NEET preparation, aligning with the exam format. Test papers, OMR sheets, and solution booklets are provided, and results can be accessed online after uploading the OMR.

A year long test series on online and offline mode. Both are available in the distance mode.

Online test series: The test syllabus is provided with the commencement of the admission and all the tests are present from day 1, student can attempt any test according to the feasibility and his/her preparation. The syllabus is such designed that it benefit the student preparation.

Offline test series: This test series pattern is mainly useful for the students who are preparing of NEET because NEET exam is held in offline mode so that its preparation should also be on offline mode.

All the test papers with OMR sheet and solution booklet is provided at the time of admission or dispatched to home address. After successfully completing each test a student can upload its OMR on given online platform and can successfully get his/her results.