Distance Course



The i-tab is a comprehensive distance learning solution provided by AAYAM. It offers various benefits to students who are unable to attend classroom courses. The i-tab includes recorded lectures by expert faculties, extensive question banks with solutions for enhancing numerical solving capabilities, online tests to assess understanding, doubt discussion feature for clarifying queries, and a library with study materials and subject-related books for better comprehension and learning. By leveraging these features, students can access high-quality education and teaching methodologies remotely.

  1. Recorded lectures: All the lectures are recorded by our expert faculties with detailed analysis of numerical and powerful dictating notes.
  2. Question Banks: All the subjects are equipped with more than 500+ questions in each topic with solution for developing the numerical solving capabilities.
  3. Online Tests: After successfully completing the topic there is option for test practice to checks the understanding of the chapter.
  4. Doubt discussion: There is very useful utility of doubt discussion is available which enables the student to ask doubt during solving of question bank and test practice.
  5. Study material: The complete study material along with the various books of subject is present in the library for better understanding and learning.